Van Flowserve, van Durco

Hãng valve Flowserver, Durco của Đức nổi tiếng với các dòng valve lót và van điều khiển cho những ứng dụng khắc nghiệt.

Durco Valves

Van Flowserve, van DurcoCarotek handles the Durco plug and butterfly valve products of Flowserve. They include:

  • Lined Plug Valves
  • Mach 1 Sleeveline Plug Valves
  • BTV Lined Butterfly Valves
  • Big Max High Performance Butterfly Valves
  • Durco Rotary Control Valves System

Van Flowserve, van Durco            Van Flowserve, van Durco

These valves provide reliable leak free service in a wide range of corrosive chemical environments, including:

  • acids
  • bleach
  • general chemicals
  • caustics
  • Chlor-alkalis,
  • solvents
  • pharmaceuticals
  • slurries


Van Flowserve, van DurcoAtomac Valves

Our Atomac lined ball valve products are available in flanged and wafer styles. Lined valves can be found in chemical, pulp & paper, steel and pharmaceutical plants to name a few. Atomac manufactures lined products including:

  • Model AKH2 and AKH3 FEP, PFA and PFA-C Lined Ball Valves
  • Model AKH5 Ceramic Lined Ball Valves
  • Model AMP3 Lined 3-Way Ball Valves
  • Lined V-Port Control Valves
  • Lined Sight Glasses and Strainers

Van Flowserve, van DurcoAutomax Valve Automation

Flowserve’s line of Automax Valve Automation allows us to provide full service valve and damper automation to our customers.  Carotek’s application experts can specify and engineer an automation system for your specific application.  Our onsite valve automation shop can provide quick accurate service.

Actuators Switch/Positioners Accessories
Rack & Pinion Namur/Non-Namur Manual Overrides
Scotch Yoke Mechanical/Proximity OSHA Lock-outs
Flat Yoke Pneumatic/Electro-Pneumatic Tee-Assemblies
Quick-Acting Digital/Intelligent/Hart Custom Extensions
Piston ASI/Profibus/F.Fieldbus/D.Net Partial Stroke
Electric General/X-Proof/S. Steel Speed Controls
Cylinders For Quarter-turn & Linear Manifold Assembly

With our extensive inventory and qualified application specialist, Carotek is available to assist you with choosing the correct valve to meet any specification. Give us a call today or visit our valves page to learn more.

Van Flowserve, van Durco

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